Monday, September 24, 2012

Blame It On The...

I like to run in the mornings. I might not like the getting up part, but once I am out there running, I love it. With the temps dropping here in Mempho, it takes me even longer to get out of my nice warm bed (I like it cold at night), but I eventually get up and get dressed, usually about 10-15 minutes later than I had planned.

Once my alarm goes off, I usually hit the snooze at least once. I plan for that the night before. So if I want to get up at 6, I set my alarm for 5:51.  (Who came up with a 9 minute snooze alarm anyways?) I normally  set my running gear out the night before, So I can find it easily and quietly, and go downstairs, so I do not wake my wife. I try to be quiet, no matter what she claims. (I hate it whenever I wake up before my alarm clock goes off, even if it is just 5 minutes early! Alarm clocks can't win!)

Once downstairs, I head to the bathroom to get dressed and "take care of business". (and for the entirety of this post, I will refer to going to bathroom as taking care of business, just so there is no confusion). This is also a factor into the alarm setting decision. So, depending on how bad I ate the day before, I might have to "take care of business" once or twice before going out, cause nothing is worse than having to ":take care of business" out on a run.

So as I am getting dressed this morning and about to head out for my run, I come out of the bathroom and my son is sitting there at the kitchen table. Way early for him to be up! He turned 13 on Saturday, so he recently got into the "showering everyday" before school phase, which is a good thing, but it is weird for me. The kids are usually just waking up when I return from my runs, but right now, my marathon plan calls for a 4, 5, 4 and a 12 miler this week, so I really do not have to get up as early to complete the 4-5-4 runs during the weekdays cause I am that fast! You see I normally take my boys to school in the morning. This way my youngest gets to sleep later and Mom can get prepared for her day with said youngest one! So if people are up when I leave to go running during the week, then I feel pressured while running and I am more tempted to cut it short, which is not good for marathon training.

Now, I do not blame my son for this at all. I blame my DVR me for not getting up when I am suppose to and getting my butt out there. I blame myself for not planning better with what I eat the night before and I blame a mouse that has been running along my roof driving my dog crazy (future post). I also blame the weather and not knowing what I need to wear in the mornings. I blame it on the rain...See, there are a lot of factors involved here!

It is tough to work training around family as to not interrupt the flow of everyday family life and I do my best to train when it least effects everyone, so it looks like I will still need to get up earlier than I thought, that will just mean more time for coffee before I take my boys to school in the morning.

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  1. It is why I often end up running with my friend (another mom) at 8:30 in the evening after she puts our kids to bed and mine are at least generally headed that direction. It isn't the best scenario, but it works.


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