Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shout It, Shout It, Shout It Loud!!

As the title of this post suggests, this post is not about triathlon related material at. I am doing the first ever Daily Training's Concert Review!

This week I had to travel to Atlanta for some business meetings and it just happened to work out that Kiss and Motley Crue were in concert. Being a huge 80's hair band fan, I wanted to go. I mostly wanted to see Motley Crue, but I also thought I would not have many more chances to KISS in concert in full makeup, so it was a win-win.

As I said, I was more excited to Motley than KISS, so I was really excited when the band came marching out through the audience to the stage. They opened up with the Saints of L.A. and you could tell a lot of people did not know this song. They did all my favorite songs. Primal Scream, Girl, Just Go Away, Dr Feelgood, Home Sweet Home, and Wildside among others. I thought the band sounded great. Nikki Six was  killing the bass guitar and even the crypt keeper Mick Mars sounds great on guitar. Vince Neil on the other hand, well let's say Vince needs to do some cardio.While Vince still has the pipes to hit all the scream, he really seemed winded by the second song. It got so bad that he was hitting about every third word, I think I was hitting more words than Vince!

The one guy that stole the show for me was Tommy Lee. He is just freaking awesome on the drums. He came out with his painted like the Crow, and he rocked the drum. No wonder he is so skinny that way he plays. He also rocked the piano fro Home Sweet Home. His drum solo, which spun in a circle was freaking awesome. He even got a lucky fan to take a ride while he played.

All in all, I was a little disappointed in Motley because of Vince, everyone else rocked it.

Next was KISS. I really did not know what to expect, but I loved it! They opened with Detroit Rock City and they started rocking and did not stop until they had to leave. They also played a lot of the more well known KISS favorites likes, Dr Love, Shout It Out Loud, Lick it Up and Black Diamond. The crowd ate it up. Paul Stanley, who sounded like Edith Bunker to me, was a great front man. He tried to get the crowd involved and keep them going.The Star-Child even zip-lined to the middle of the crowd for a song.

I have to mention the Demon, Gene Simmons.He was everything I expected him to be on stage. From the long wagging tongue, to the blood to the flying bass solo, he was definitely on that got your attention. I even noticed the wedding ring he was wearing! While he did not speak to the crowd much, he spoke without words. His bass solo followed by the song God of Thunder was sung after he flew up about 30 feet to a perch high above the crowd. The crowd loved it.

All in all, I think I enjoyed the KISS concert more than Motley! And, just when you thought it was over, KISS was out for an encore with the all time, best known KISS song, yelling that all they want to do "Is Rock N Roll All Night and Party Everyday"! They shot tons of confetti out of these massive cannons and almost cause a white out!

It was a great time, and it was good to see four guys with guitars and drums make music with the aid of electronics!  This was real rock n roll and I am afraid bands like this are going to be history soon, so go see a real rock band whenever you get a chance!

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  1. Sounds like a really good time. Glad KISS was a pleasant surprise.


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