Friday, July 20, 2012

July 21 Week in Review

I know most blogs do a Friday funnies, or wordless Wednesday, there are what I ate Wed posts and all sorts of interesting things people blog about, but I am going to start a weekly recap of my week. I think it will be beneficial for me to go back and review my weeks of training. Will this post be one of my most interesting posts for people to read? I doubt it, although I hope someone out there can gain something, maybe even learn from a mistake I made.

Sunday: 10 mile run. I know I already posted about this, but I am starting my recap posts on Sunday. I still can't hammer home how big a confidence run this was. I had been feeling a little uneasy about my training going into it, so it was nice to get it finished.

Monday: 12 mile bike. This started a recovery week for me and I actually slept in that morning and got my ride done at night.

Tuesday: 1750 yd swim followed by a 3.7 mile run. This is the beginning of my running without a Garmin phase. It was nice and I actually felt better running by going by feel rather than by data. I doubt I will ever give up logging my miles altogether, but I admit, it was nice to feel like I was running fast only to look at my pace and see that I wasn't.

Wednesday: 17 mile ride. Nothing really special about this. It was what it was. I have been breaking my rides down into 3 mile stretches and working on different things rather than just pedaling.

Thursday: 1400 yard swim followed by a 5.7 mile run. Again, I ran naked. Not even an iPod this time. The only noise I heard was my breathing, my feet hitting the road and whatever that was in the cornfields I ran by. (I hate corn fields, nothing good ever comes out of a corn field).

Friday: Rest Day!  Slept in till 7AM and felt like it was noon. It has been so hot lately that I only crave sleep and cold water it seems! It did feel good to wake up with the sun being up!

Saturday: Tomorrow I have a 28 mile bike planned, Unfortunately, it will be a trainer ride and I think it will have to be very early in the morning. We get to pick up the older boys from camp tomorrow morning and riding on the road will not work out. I am ready for my knuckleheads to come home though, so it will be cool.

Sunday I will be racing in the Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series 5K. I plan on running it semi hard, but not going for a PR or anything. Should be a fun race and I get to wear my new Tri team top, but more to come about that soon. I am also looking for a heart rate monitor for when I start my marathon training, so I am sure that topic will pop up sometime as well.  Have a great weekend, Train hard!

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