Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As I Reached for the Peanut Butter Egg...

OK, so I have posted before about my office fridge and how I really want to make sure I have good stuff in it right? Well I have been doing much better. At any time, you can come by and find bottled water or Gatorade in my fridge. There is canned Coke in their also, but it is the 90 calorie cans that are small, so that is ok. You will also see Muscle Milk in my fridge for those days of tough early morning workouts, and then I also keep my coffee in their for some reason. So it is much healthier than a few months ago, and it is not easy keeping it healthy.

Working in retail gives me access to alot of unhealthy stuff, especially around Holidays. And holidays means one thing, holiday candy. In retail, the next holiday starts the second iota the last holiday ended, and sometimes before it officially ends. So every holiday means the holiday candy aisles call your name for weeks. Gently luring you first to just check them out, maybe you will see something new this year, and then you see your weakness. It wasn't the marshmallow chocolate covered bunnies this time ( I am over those for now), but it was the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. I love them.
And I love them after they have been in the fridge for awhile and are cold and crisp. So I bought a package. No big deal, I can space them out, not like I eat them all at once but sometimes I think I would like to try. So yeah, I have had some in my fridge for a few days now, and it wasn't a problem until Wednesday.

It was about 10:30 AM. Beautiful day outside with birds singing, sunshine shining, and all was good in the world. So I figured, hey man, "why not enjoy a cold crisp Reese's Peanut Butter egg on this fine day. You just closed a case and deserve it" So I agreed with my self and rolled my chair over to the fridge. I stood up and bent over to open the door and saw the eggs looking at me, I think they were smiling too.

So I reached down to grab one. They were alittle further back than I thought so I squatted down a little more, extending my hands out as I did and as soon as I got my hands on an egg, I heard this:


I froze and thought about the irony of the situation. I just split my pants reaching for a Reese's Peanut Butter egg. Really??  All I could think about were the Subway commercials where people are popping buttons off their colthes like a machine gun and breaking chairs as they sit down. And before you wonder, these pants were not tight "skinny" jean type pants! They were lose pants and very comfortable. I think someone snuck into my closet last night and messed with my pants, can't prove it yet, but I will!

So here I am feeling all guilty and sad, and I know the rest of my PB eggs are sad too because I gave them away, all except for the one. I sat in a corner of my office and enjoyed the last Reese's Peanut Butter Egg this Easter season. I will stay out of those aisles no matter how softly and sweetly my name is called. Cause if not you might find me sitting outside a McDonalds waiting for them to open to get my Big Mac fix! Mmmmmmm

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  1. Funny story! I have trouble staying away from the peeps this time of year. Splitting some pants would be good motivation to stay away though :-).

    1. My wife is a big fan of Peeps! I am still hoping they split because I have had those pants forever instead any other reasons! lol


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