Friday, February 10, 2012

I Brought the dinner table!

Last weekend, my wife and I had a nice getaway weekend together, then we had the Super Bowl, then I had some out of town meetings in Atlanta to attend. And I have to say this, I did not Bring it. Well, I did in fact Bring it to the dinner table though!  I ate so bad and so much this past week, and being out of town, it really threw me off my scheduled workouts! Here is the list of my meals:

Saturday I had a modest lunch, then I had a 14 ounce center cut Ribeye steak, cooked perfectly with mac n cheese and fries, chased down by 2 cokes. I also had for dessert a cookie sandwich! (A cookie sandwich was 2 chocolate chip cookies with toffee chips serving as the bread and a delicious cream, piled about an inch high in the center) No workout on Sat of any kind either.

Sunday morning started out with a big fat cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee, followed by McDonald's for lunch and another steak for dinner. Sunday was also the Super Bowl so there were plenty o snacks out and about for me to munch on. Now I did get a trainer ride in on Sunday night, but it was forced.

Monday started out with a swim, then to the airport to fly to Atlanta. Nothing really for lunch, but I had a huge Mushroom/Swiss cheese burger for dinner and a Kit Kat in the privacy of my hotel room.

Tuesday started off with coffee for breakfast and a big BBQ sandwich for lunch, which was then followed by dinner at PapaDuex  (sp?) (Cajun seafood place) in ATL. I tried to eat smarted at the restaurant and order the mixed seafood skewers plate, which had salmon, scallops, shrimp and other vegetables. Later, back at he hotel, I was able to get in a three mile run on the treadmill.

This treadmill was one of the treadmills that has a TV attached to it, so I tried watching the UK vs. Florida game, but with them running right and left  and my head bobbing up and down, it really made me queasy and I just couldn't watch. I was very happy to get in the 3 miles, cause I really thought I was going to be the one person that puked on a treadmill!

So I said all that to say all this, this week has been bad for me training wise. I am looking to get through the week and comeback swinging Monday, and hopefully weighing less!


  1. Good job on the 3miler and don't worry so much - we can't bring it all the time ...well maybe some people do, but I sure don't ;)

    and I want that big burger :D haha

  2. Don't sweat it, just don't make that the rule vs. bringing it. I hear ya on the treadmill while watching sports is tough. I find watching hockey the worst, I start leaning as I follow the puck and almost fall off.


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