Monday, December 26, 2011

Product Review Time!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one here at my house. The kids and wife were happy and the little one wants to have Christmas everyday! I got Macca's book for Christmas and I am finding myself reading it with a very bad Australian accent! (In my head only, I don't go around reading books in funny accents for others) I also was able to unwrap my super-duper fast looking Brooks Glycerins that I am dying to take out for a spin!


Yes, that's right. Product review time. I love getting those emails saying they read my blog and want my opinion on a product! I admit, I am a free-product whore and love getting free stuff in the mail. I also tend to think that someone read my blog and thought I was "THE GUY" they had to have spread the word about their product, until I read other blogs and find out there are 50 different reviews on the same product currently. So here goes my review of Zipfizz.

I received in the mail a cool little bottle with six tubes of Zipfizz and the promise of my energy levels rising. I also received a jump drive full of information and product info I could add to the blog review. (see pictures to the left and below) I was asked to take the product and them give my opinion of the product.

The first thing I did was go through all the information on the jump drive. I read about the key benefits of Zipfizz, about how it is all natural, about how it gives you a revitalization of energy, focus and alertness within 15 minutes. I read about how it is a healthy alternative to coffee (it would be hard to ever replace coffee). Zipfizz has only 10 calories, 0 sugar and 30 times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks. All that sounds great to me, but the only thing that matters to me is taste. I have never been a fan of energy drinks because I think a majority of them taste like crap. So my main question was, does it taste well?

Benefits compared to other drinks

It was being compared to Red Bull, 5 HR energy and Gatorade in the ad above. Personally, I do not drink Red Bull (but I love LMFAO's music, I work outtttt) or 5hr energy, so I could only compare it to Gatorade. I tried several of the tubes and found out the taste was OK, but not great for me. It mixed up really easy, but it blew the top off my water bottle the first time due to the fizz and me not tightening it up enough, so that freaked me out a bit. This was not something I would drink if I was really thirsty, like the way I would down a Gatorade. It seemed something more that I would sip. It also gave me the burps, while that can be fun when hanging with my boys, it is not always a good end result.

So after about three days, I decided to give a tube to a pair of  friends that drink energy drinks to see what they thought. Both of the guys really liked it and  thought it tasted great. They liked the way it mixed easily (I warned them about the blast off potential). They also said they did not feel a real "boost" of energy (and neither did I), but they also did not feel a crash like other energy drinks.

I know I have read several blogs that reviewed Zipfizz and gave it high praise, but this is something that is not for me. Like I said earlier, I am not a big energy drink kind of guy, but I do appreciate them sending me a sample and letting me try it.

As always, Thanks for reading!

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  1. I didn't want to post a comment on your 2012 look-ahead post....But don't feel bad about not hitting any of your 2011 time goals. I didn't either!

    But, I set 2 killer PRs, so I'm calling it a win. All about those shades of gray - or pink.


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