Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Had Good Intentions...

It started out harmless. I had been wanting a mini fridge for my office for quite some time, but I never wanted to give up the money to buy one. I know they are not that expensive overall, but I was having trouble giving up that money. So when I received a gift card in the mail a few weeks ago, I knew it was fate. By using that gift card and my discount I get at work, that fridge was mine. So, I went out and bought it, found the perfect place in my office and plugged that sucker in to start cooling. It even doubled as a place for my printer, so yeah, it was fate.

My plan for this fridge was simple. It would save me money. I could place drinks in there and that would be a lot cheaper than me buying my coke out of the vending machines. Snacks, I could bring snacks, which again, saves money. I am all about saving some green, so it made perfect sense.

Another reason for the fridge, which should be evident, is I could eat and snack healthier. I can now cook healthy foods for lunch. I can bring healthy snacks and eat them. Protein drinks!  I have no excuse for not having a protein drink or recovery drink after my morning workout. It is hard sometimes to work in a good run, and get back in time to shower and eat breakfast. Fruits and veggies, now that will be perfect for a late afternoon snack when I get hungry around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. These two points alone, plus the discount and gift card were enough to sell me on the need for the fridge in my office.

Well, unfortunately my intentions have been noble. I was doing fairly well before my marathon of keeping some cold water in my fridge and my coffee (I have a little 6 cup coffee pot in my office, Starbucks is way too expensive). That was about all I kept in it. I wanted to bring leftovers, but with three boys, this maybe a challenge in itself. But if you were to look in my office mini fridge right now, I am afraid of what you'd see.

I have  a six pack of A&W root beer, 2 cans of Pepsi and three chocolate cover marshmallow Santa Clause (I love those). And that is all that is in there. The root beer is a definite problem, but it is such a tasty problem! Nothing beats ending the day with a super frosty cold can of root beer. I know you know what I mean. The Pepsi's are there because I hate buying drinks out of the vending machines. Rip Off!  When I am behaving on my diet, I usually try to limit myself to one coke a day, and usually I am pretty good about that. Now for the chocolate covered marshmallow Santa's...I have no excuse. It's just marshmallowy goodness that I can't resist. I am the same weakness around Easter for the bunnies and Valentine's hearts. I like marshmallow filled chocolate things OK!  Don't judge me!

Anyways, like I said, I had good intentions and still do, and as I am drinking the last of those root beers and stuffing my pie hole with marshmallowy chocolate covered goodness, I will fell pretty bad about it. Besides, i am in a recovery phase, and I don't start training for my next tri until Jan 9th. I figure I owe myself that much since I had a HIM and a marathon in 90 days! Eat on my brothers and sisters!

****Stay tuned, the 2nd ever Daily Trainings giveaway will be next!***


  1. That doesn't sound too bad. You could have pie and whipped cream in there too :-).

  2. No judging. But I do hope you take advantage of your new "toy" and fill it up with some yummy fruit and veggies - and more water!

  3. Ohhhhhhh snap. Enjoy your downtime, BUT I hope you throw out that junk and replace the cooler with some healthy snacks - ummmm, water, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, hummus. Mmmm-mmmmm. hahaha


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