Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Post of Ironman Branson 70.3

Here is my photo report on IM Branson 70.3. Enjoy!
Jesse liked my swim cap

Last minute advice from Jesse
Lined up and waiting for the horn
The Horn sounds and redemption begins...
Raining at T2
Heading out for 13. 1 miles of fun...
It was really raining hard...
Passing the family at Lap 2
Finsh LIne! Redemption is mine!
Mom, Dad, Sister, bro in law and niece/nephew all came to support me
My wife and two boys, Jesse was tuckered out by now...
Ironman Branson 70.3 Bling
Back of Shirt and poster, M Dot is made of athlete names!

James Ford

Never thought I'd be a sticker guy, but I guess I am!

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!


  1. Awesome pics! Love the pre-race advice from Jesse. Also love all the support you had. What a nice feeling.

    That rain looks nasty but I suppose it is better than the 90+ degrees is was last year.

    Congrats on redemption!

  2. Love the pics!!! Congrats!!! I was looking for your number out between my painful grimaces and coughing...but didn’t see ya. :-) That was one tough race with all the weather, wasn’t it? Sheez!

    Oh, I love the race shirt with all the names! So cool! I signed up pretty early, but still couldn’t find my name on there. Hmmmm, maybe it’s just for the rockstar athletes! haha.

  3. I'm getting ready to run the Branson I'M in Sept and your photo journal is very helpful for knowing a bit of what to expect. Congrats on your accomplishment!


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