Thursday, October 20, 2011

400 Miles and other Ramblings...

This morning, on my run I went over the 400 mile mark! Not all in one day, that would be some kind of record, but through October 20, 2011. This has already eclipsed my yearly running total from 2010. I am knee deep in my marathon training, so I expect me to hit over 550 miles by the year end. My monthly total for October is right at 75 miles, which is by far my biggest monthly total. This makes me happy in a strange way, and yet it excites me to see how many miles I can get.

So here are my other ramblings and thoughts:
  • I wish that just once, I got a burger that looked like the burgers they offer on TV.
  • My training is going well, I am averaging 30-40 miles a week and my longest run is 16.5 miles.
  • Big Bang Theory is a very funny show.
  • I am ready for Daylight Savings to get here. I am tired of getting up and running in the dark.
  • Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle yeah...
  • My wife is running her first 5K this Saturday, I get to be the cheerleader this time!!!
  • I think I am kinda fly for a white guy! (heard it on the radio today)
  • I kinda want to see the new FootLoose. Sorry Kevin Bacon
  • I am not worried so much about zombies, becasue I know that iPhones are going to band together and take over the world if we continue to sit here and do nothing about it.
  • The "Good Mood" food guy from ARBY's is annoying!
  • Guns N Roses is coming to town and I am really on the fence about wanting to go, I mean, I know it won't be the same as I remember, but it's still GNR!
That's about all I got tonight!  Thanks for reading!

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