Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Have 7 Things To Say...

Here are some things on my mind, and I am not wasting any time getting to them:

  1. Dogs- I like dogs. I even have a dog, but what I do not like is dogs running around without a leash. I have been chased, barked at and even tripped while out running due to dogs running free. I have thought about buying that doggy pepper stuff to use on the dogs, but I know the owners would freak, so maybe I'd use it on them also. All I am asking is for people to leash their pets unless it is a no leash area. I won;t run in the no leash area OK?

  2. Wind- The wind sucks. Sunday it was very windy out on my run. I heard estimates of 30mph+ winds outside. All I know is that when I was running against the wind, I was about 15 seconds slower than normal. While I was running with the wind, I was about 10 seconds faster! It actually felt like I was being pushed from behind.

  3. Shortcuts- It is not uncommon for me to change my routes while I am out running. There could be many reasons for me to change, but rarely are they good reasons, so I won't even list them. Sunday I had a predetermined route in my mind, and I was determined to complete the route. I am happy to report that I even added some distance to my run that day. Booyeah!

  4. NCAA Championship- horrible.

  5. Hot Pockets- not a fan

  6. WWE- I admit, I have started watching it again on Monday nights since The Rock is back. It usually goes along with my Monday night trainer ride. I think it makes my ride go by faster, what do you think? (It doesn't matter what you think!) Rock reference.

  7. Goals- I am leading a mentor group over on BT.com. As part of this group, we all have set goals for April, Here are mine. Bike 160 miles, run 45 miles and swim 12,000 yds.


  1. I am a dog lover too but the amount of them that are off leash during my rides is quite frustrating. Don't really have this problem on the run as I usually stay in the hood.

  2. I get real nervous when I see an unleashed dog while riding, owners need to be more responsible.

    Hotpockets never fill me up, ever, a waste of food eating

  3. Totally agree with #1... and not just any leash, a 6' or less leash! Those 20' extendable leashes are no good!

  4. The winds Sunday were sustained 30 with gusts of over 50mph. Biking was NOT fun! About 10% of the ride was headwind, 10% tailwind, and %80cross winds. It sucked...but I finished my 30 mile ride anyways:)

  5. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I saw a dog get hit by a bus when I was running. I don't think the bus driver knew what happened (it was going 55 and kept on going). I pulled to poor dog out of the street and found the owner, who threatened to kill the bus driver. They lived on a busy highway and had no fence and the dog was roaming free and took off after me and my two dogs when it ran into the street. I felt awful, but finally realized it wasn't my fault.


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