Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Gone Extreme...

It seems like there has been alot going on lately, and as weird as it may sound, I can see things getting back into a normal routine again. Sounds weird to me because I know the holidays are coming up quick! Football and soccer are over, and both the boys did great and it is now time to start looking forward to 2011.

My wife and I have gone extreme. I am talking about P90X. So far, we have been getting up at 5:30AM and doing the videos together. We are going for the P90X lean program because I thought that would assist me the most for next season. We are pretty much sticking with the program and even took our before pictures, but after a month of me sitting on my butt not doing any type of S/R/B, you will not be seeing any of my "before" pictures on here. My wife looks great and she would make a lot of women jealous even with her before pics, but I doubt she'd give me permission to post them, but I might get away with some "after" shots.

One thing I have learned after doing P90X is that I am not very strong or flexible. A couple of months ago I conquered the 100 push up challenge put on at Dangle the Carrot, but during the pre test, I was a few push-ups shy of 100. So I will be trying to work my way back up. Also I never realized how bad I was at pull ups! It is em brassing! And do not ask about my flexibility, because I have none! This will be a work in progress!

I am excited about getting back into shape again, and I am looking for ways to mix in triathlon training while doing P90X. I am almost resigned to doing P90X 100% until the 90 days is over and then start training for Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon. I would have over 12 weeks to prep for it, so I feel like it would be enough time and would give me a chance to get lean! So, soon I will compile my race schedule for 2011 and make my decision on Branson 2011.

Other things I want to say:
I am so tired of hearing about Brett Favre and LeBron James. Never has so much been made over a 40+ yr old QB on a crappy team. No one cares if he plays anymore, I doubt Favre makes it the entire season. And LeBron, you actually think race has something to do with the slack you caught from "The Decision" really? After I saw his newest Nike commercial, I think he is a bigger ass than ever! Seriously guys, we don't care about ya'll as much as you think we do.


  1. My advice - just do P90X and try not to mix it in with S/B/R/-- P90X will rip you up in the 90 days and you'll be stronger going into tri season. If IMTX wasn't so early in the year I would do a full round of p90x this winter.

    Favre needs to go away.

  2. Awesome job James! I love it that you and your wife are getting up and working out together:) Keep it up!

  3. Great job!...Like this post of yours...Congrats!


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