Sunday, August 8, 2010

Do You Know What This Is??

Give up? It is the Ironman Branson bike course elevation chart. I know it is hard to see, but the top line represents 1400 feet, while the bottom line equates to 700. Look at the "rolling hills of Branson"? SO basically, I got a lot of hills to climb! The only good thing I can see from this chart is the last 8 miles of the ride is downhill.

I admit that seeing this chart is a little bit intimidating to me. Ok, alot intimidating to me. So much that I am not worried about the 1.2 mile swim, no concerns at all, but this bike is going to be epic.

So what am I going to do about it? Whine? Yeah, a little! But I am also going to really start hammering my biking throughout Aug. And I have already come up with a good idea and it worked out pretty good.

Jake, my oldest boy has started playing tackle football! They practice daily from 6-8PM. SO for two hours, I am sitting watching him practice. Now at first, I watched and read and cheered, but then I got an idea. Sat morning he had practice, so I cancelled my long ride, gathered up my trainer and took it to practice and rode. This way I was there with Jake watching football and I got in a 31 mile hour and half ride in. I figure if Andy Potts can do 80% of his workouts on a trainer, I should get some benefit out of it. And by the looks of this chart, I am going to need all the bike time I can get!


  1. Ride, Ride, and Ride some more! Do intervals on the trainer. It not only breaks up the monotony but it can be one hell of a workout. Try doing 12x30 secs with 2 mins recovery.

  2. That is a wicked bike course. Ride lots!

  3. Great idea to bring the trainer to his practice. That'll get you a lot more mileage in!

  4. In my eyes, the good thing about that course is that you can recover on the decents while going 25-30 mph down them


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