Friday, June 25, 2010

Disappointment and Other Random Thoughts

I am still a little bummed over my run last week in my triathlon. The official race results (which have changed 3 times now) have my run time at 44:22, or an 11:06 pace. This is slightly em brassing I admit. This is something that I do not want to have happen again, I know I can hold a pace much quicker than that, heat or no heat. I have got to get mentally tougher on these days when it is hot. My next race is July 17th, and I expect my run to be more like my run. And this is the thing that disappoints me. I know I did not run the way I can run. I should have hit my goals.

I was looking at my overall race times compared to other age groups the other day and I was surprised. It seems us older guys are alot faster than the majority of the younger dudes.

For example:
My time 1:58:10
35-39 Male 24th
30-34 Male 9th
25-29 Male 8th
40-44 Male 26th

So that tells me I am going to be in a very competitive age group for a number of years to come, so I have to quit whining, and get out there and run. I canno control who shows up on raceday, but I want to be able to run MY race! Anyways, enough about that. It is out of my system and used ad fuel for the next race.

Other random thoughts about the TV shows I watched:
  • I was watching SYTYCD (again, if you know what this stands for, then you can't make fun of me) Is it me or sometimes do the story lines the choreographers make up seem stupid? I mean a crunk dance depicting domestic violence?? Whatt?? Just dance man! No meanings!! Only time a dance has meaning is if you are fed up with the man and just have to let the aggression out and you find an empty warehouse to do a Kevin Bacon number like in Footloose! Now that was meaningful dancing!
  • The new show Memphis Beat was horrible. It offended me as a Memphian, and as an Elvis fan!
  • I now care about soccer, but after the World Cup is over, I won't.
  • Wimbledon had a crazy match the other day, I think they tie breakers after its 25-25.
  • I cannot put enough sarcastic quotation marks around this phrase ""Congrats to the Lakers"" I still hate the Fakers! (SNL reference when Baldwin hosted)
  • Also watched a show called True Beauty and wonder if people are really that into themselves and if so, why???
  • True Blood has been ok for me so far, still waiting for the one episode that makes me say WOW!
  • Hell's Kitchen is still one of my must see shows. Sometimes I would love to go all "Chef Ramsey" on somebody!


  1. faster age group or larger sample? My age group (25-29) is not very large @ most races that I go to. Its usually your age group that has multiple waves, which means a greater chance of faster racers.

    But anyways, sorry to hear about your run time. Sometimes a bad run happens, but you will do MUCH better next time! I think this heat @ this point in the season nailed everyone over the past couple of weeks. Just think about how much faster you will be flying next Fall when the temps drop!

  2. Hey Jon, not to take anything away from the 25-29s, that was not my point, just saying it seems like the 35-44 age group is going to be very competitive for me for the next few years!

  3. True dat on the age groups. I was a lot slower last year when I was in the 30-34 AG and then I moved to the 35-39 and it is a different ball game.

    I was shocked when the word "Disappointment" was in your header and the first thing you see is a pic from Footloose ... but you pulled it together!

    True Blood has been a little too weird this season and that says alot because it was already extremely weird.

  4. If you're mad at yourself for the running time...then..there you go. Sounds like that will prove to be a huge motivator.

    Personally, I'm in awe of anyone that can finish a triathalon. Period.

    I wish I could pin point what exactly has made me want to become a faster runner...but I'd say frustration has DEFINITELY helped me.

    Other thoughts: Everyone has an off day. Heat takes a while to adjust to.

    I liked all your TV bullet points. I need to catch up on SYTYCD. I'm loving the world cup. Wish the Celtics won, they came so close.

  5. Sorry that your run did not go as well as you wanted. Put it behind you and focus on your training and the next race. There is a super popular 15k run here in tampa and i've been running it for about 15 years. Every year they list the top 100 females and males in the local paper and per my unscientific analysis, most of these top 100's were btw 35-50.

  6. Hi James,
    I sometimes get down on myself for not performing how I think that I should of. I understand how you feel but you amaze me for getting out there and doing it! A Tri would be so challenging for me and you are doing great:)

    On the days that you get down on yourself you can cheer yourself up by remembering that you kicked ass in the pushup challenge! Remember that...yea, you were a super stud! Who can flipping do 100 pushups in a row? You can!

    Hang in there James!


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