Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So Long March...

First of all, look at that! 80 degrees on March 31! Yeah!!!

March was a pretty good month for me training and racing. I was able to do a 5K with my son and a 1/2 marathon. I got my first outdoor ride in the books and I got the ol "unclip left, lean right" crash out of the way early in the season with a group of guys I had never ridden with before. Classic! Anyways, here are the totals for March...

Swim-15, 700 yards, which equals 8.9 miles.

I have been doing Master's Classes once a week and then a long straight swim the other time. I can tell that my technique is getting better, but I still have the need, the need for speed...(Sorry, Top Gun moment there) On the last swim of every month, I do a time trial on my mile swim. The fastest I have ever done a mile is 33:04. Today I did a mile in 33:13. My goal is to get it down to 31-32 minutes by the time I do Ironman Branson.

Bike- 118 Miles. The majority of these miles are on the trainer, but it is saddle time right? I was shooting for 175 miles this month, but with 2 races and recovery time, I am happy with my totals. And yes, the part about falling over is true unfortunately, but to my defense, I lost a screw to one of my cleats while we were riding, and I really couldn't get unclipped while we stopped. So, I fell over. I had fruit punch Gatorade in my Aero bottle, so as I was on the ground, all the guys saw was this red liquid puddling around me, it looked like I really fell, but I was alright! lol

Run- 58.2 miles. This is my second highest monthly total ever, and like I said earlier, that includes two races. I owe it all to my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 shoes! I am so happy to see that the weather is warming up, it will be nice to get outside and sweat. I am hoping to maintain this type of mileage over the next few months. I am also hoping that the higher mileage will help me on some of my shorter tris I am doing.

My next race is April 16 and is a Dash N Splash that I am doing a relay with my bride. She is actually a faster swimmer than I am, so I will run the 2 miles and then let her hit the pool. I am looking forward to watching her compete, I think it is something that she will really enjoy. We are going to rock it. Then, I will be racing a Sprint tri in Jonesboro, AR called the Gearhead Sprint Tri. Also in April I am hoping to get in some open water swimming, right now the water is in the 50's, which is way to cold even with a wetsuit.

Hope your month went well! Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice work this did good:) I think it is so awesome that you and your wife are competing in the Dash N Splash relay together!! You sound really excited about it...I am sure that the two of your will have a blast:) Keep up the great work!

  2. Good month James! I love the "unclip left, lean right" stories ... makes me feel not as stupid for doing it all the time!

    we only got up to 81 in Houston today!


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