Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday March 27

I would give today a 7 out of 10. The plan was to get up and go riding with a group this morning, but as I was searching for some clean biking shorts, the baby started crying (6:15AM) and I went to calm him down and this turned into a sweet cuddle morning. his nose was stuffy, so I held him until he went back to sleep, then a buddy called saying he was sick and wasn't going, so I thought, it is cold out, and I pinked out and went back to bed. So it started out as a 2.

So I got up and cooled breakfast for everyone (French toast) and later that morning, my bride and I went grocery shopping. Excitement, I know.

After lunch, and after Baby Jesse went down for a nap, my bride left to run some errands, and I was feeling bad about missing my ride this morning, that I decided I would get a ride in on my trainer. I hate trainer rides, but this one I enjoyed, and here's why...

I took my bike outside so I could watch the older boys play while the baby took a nap and I rode outside while listening to my iPod. It was awesome. For some reason, I rode harder and faster outside than I do when I am watching TV. The older boys did not like having to run n and check for crying every 10 minutes, but other than that, it was great. From now on, all my trainer rides are going to be setup outside or in the garage or something.

Later that day, i took the boys to a movie, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", which wasn't so bad actually. we had a great diner and then my bride and I did out push-ups for the 100 Push-up challenge over at Jeff's Dangle the Carrot. The goal of that challenge is to do 100 push ups non-stop. On my initial max I did 71 and my bride did 25. I am shooting for over 100 and after the first week of the program, I am feeling strong! I think it would be kick ass to be able to drop and rock out 125 push ups in a row!

I plan on starting back to my running schedule on Monday. My next race is a Dash N Splash relay with my bride. i am doing the 2 mile run and she is doing the 400 yd swim. More on that to come later!


  1. I'll be happy if I can do 71 pushups! You and your wife are killing the PU challenge. Been thinking about putting the trainer in the garage ... you might have just given me the motivation to do so. The splash and dash sounds fun!

  2. um, might I suggest you try out the 1000 pushup challenge? ;)

    nice man!


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