Wednesday, March 24, 2010

RIP Brandon 1972-2010

Today, a friend of mine from high school is being buried. He was 38 years old. His name is Brandon. Brandon took his own life last Friday night, much to the shock of everyone that knew him. I later found out that Brandon had been going through some trials, both physically and financially. No one can say what the thought process is that makes suicide seem like the best option for people, but I am sure it had to make sense in his mind. From what I understand about the days leading up to his death, it was something that Brandon had thought through and planned out.

Suicide pisses me off.

The day before I turned 13 years old, we found out that my great grandfather had shot himself at his farm. For the longest time, it was easy to be pissed off at him, but can one really find fault with someone for doing what they think is best? For whatever reason they think that?

Brandon's Facebook page started filling up with posts from people all over talking about the good times and things he would be missed for and things he was best known for. I told my wife that I wish he could have read these before he went through with his decision, but would it have made a difference? No one knows, and that is what is so frustrating about this.

I have heard from several people that Brandon was a Christian and had a strong belief in God, which led to a discussion between my wife and I on how God views suicide. Again, I have no answers and I know you have to be careful when discussing this, cause I know my great grandfather was a God fearing man and I do not think God would punish someone for this in some way, but again, I don't know.

I can only pray that Brandon is now in an eternal peace with no worries, pain or stresses that he endured in the last few years here on Earth. Brandon was a good guy, doubt you'd ever meet anyone that had a bad thing to say about him. Rest in Peace my brother.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the sad loss of your friend. One of my college son's friends took his own life during there Christmas break and it was devastating. My son's friend was having girlfriend issues...such a terrible thing to happen. I am thinking of you and hope that you find peace.


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