Sunday, March 14, 2010

One week away!

My half marathon is one week away, so I guess you could say I am in a taper phase. I admit that I really do not know how to taper properly, but I am cutting the length of my workouts back, but trying to keep the same intensity. Today I went out and did 4.4 miles in 36.45, so I kept about an 8:22 minute mile, which I was happy about.

But during my run, you'd never know it. See I am one of those people. One of those that feels like I train for a race better than I race it. For whatever reason, I don't know. I start getting those doubts, the "I can;t run that far" thoughts, even though I have done it before. I get the "no way you can beat 2 hours" thoughts, even though I have hit 12 in 1:55.

See, my race plan is to stay under 9 minute miles. I know if I were to run 9 minute miles exactly, I would finish in 1:57 or so. So every mile I run, I judge it by how close I am to the 9 minute mark (9-18-27-36-45). Today at the 4 mile mark, I was at 33:40, which would give me a 2:20 ahead of schedule zone, which I then start thinking that it is not enough, so I push myself, which ultimately leads me down a path of running out of gas!

So anyone who tells you that triathlons, or marathons are purely a physical sport, I would disagree. It is as much or maybe more of a mental fight than anything else to me. So hopefully, I can not listen to the voices of doubt, but instead reach down and pull out those night runs, those 20 degree runs, those 101 degree runs, you know those tough ass runs you hated, and use those to push through any "bad" thoughts and finish strong.

I will most likely get one more run in my BROOKS ADRENALINE GTS 10 shoes this week, and then after Wed, I think I am just going to rest the legs and prepare to crush that 2 hour mark!


  1. I would love to run a half in under 2 hours!! Enjoy your taper and I wish you the best of luck for next week! I am sure that you will do great:) I will be waiting for your race recap! Woo hoo for the Brooks shoes:)

  2. I totally agree; mental as much as physical, especially toward the end when you have no more legs! Good luck!

  3. I completely agree about the mental aspect - that is me to a T!

  4. Good Luck on the race and you friends and family know you can do it.


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