Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weekend and 21 Miles ago

I had a really good weekend. It started on Friday where I got up out of bed early and got a good 6 miles in that morning. I felt good and strong.

Saturday was a good day as well. Jake and I did a 5K run (early post on here). Have I mentioned how proud I was of him?

Sunday I had a great morning at church and then hit the streets for a 12 mile run. I finished that run in just under 2 hours. I was happy with that time since that was my third run in 3 days, plus I was able to get some sun! Yeah tan lines! It really helps my confidence about hitting the sub 2 hour mark on my half marathon coming up. After the run I got home and took an ice bath. (Go check out this post from Shut Up and Run about an ice bath, it is some funny stuff!) Ice baths suck at the time, but I think there are huge benefits from them!

So I was able to log 21 miles over those three days. I think that is the most I have run in a weekend in awhile. I will give my self a few days to recover before my next run, but I am sure a sub 2 hour 1/2 is doable. I think if I had fresh legs Sunday, my time would have been better.

One thing I noticed while I was out running on Sunday was the number of cars that have Handicap Placards hanging from the rear view mirrors. Now in Memphis, you can pay your $25 and get a placard, but it made me appreciate that I am physically able to swim/run /bike. I know alot of people can't go out and do a 12 mile run for whatever reason. Someday, I might be able to either, you never know. I just know that I see people looking and I know they would love to be able to get out there in the sun and just run.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the link to my ice bath post. Glad you do them as well!

  2. I work with people who have disabilities and always think of them when I am stuggling or wanting to give up.. especially on the run.
    Congrats on your run times!

  3. Awesome way to bust out the high miles over the past few days! Looking good:)


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