Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Talk About January...

January overall was a pretty decent month for me training wise. While it was bitterly cold for Memphis, and I had a bout with a stomach bug, overall I was happy with my training numbers. So let's talk numbers shall we?

Swimming: January I got in 8200 yds swimming or roughly 4.65 miles. I know my swim intensity has increased over this month, but the best thing for me was joining a Master's class. Yeah, it kicked my ass, but I can really see how it will make me faster in the water, so I am sold on it. Just the other day when swimming, I was on lap 40 of a 44 lap planned swim (cause that was roughly 1.2 miles), and then "john", my rabbit from an earlier post, that I always chase jumped in the lane next to me. I know he waited for me to hit the wall before he took off. I am a competitive person by nature, so of course I took off harder. We stayed even until we hit the wall, the BAM, flip turn and I was off. I continued to hit him with the flip turns for the rest of my session! Anyways, it was good for me to finish strong and to be pushed towards the end of my workout.

Biking: In January I was able to get in 93 miles, all trainer miles, so my distance might not be accurate to the inch, but good enough for me. Trainer rides are boring and always makes my ass hurt! I could never do a 112 mile trainer ride like Mike (www.26.2ismycooldown) This will really be the first season with my new bike, not the one in the picture above. It is amazing what a good bike fitting will do for ya, I love riding in aero now!

Running: January's running totals were less than I wanted. I ran 28.8 miles, but again, I was sick and we had crazy cold weather here. I have a half marathon (1st one ever) coming up in March, so I really wanted to have some decent mileage piled up. Alot of these mile came via the dreadmill, so I need to be careful when talking about my Mile times. I mean on a treadmill I can run 8 minute miles forever, but I know that on the road it will be different.

Thanks for reading, and also thanks to all the bloggers I read. It is motivating to read that we are all going through some of the same things this off season!


  1. Nice work broseph. My apparent January tradition of sucky workouts continues (8, but after today's 4.25, I'll break that sad total on my next run.

  2. Ok, sorry to double post, but of course I meant my next run would make my Feb total outdo my Jan total.

    Anywho, you see the Bellevue Hope for Haiti 5k?

  3. I think your totals look just fine. So many folks just stop altogether, at least you are doing something. And joining a master's class, now that's a lot of work! Cheers!


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