Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Official!

I am back to training after my 10k race and feeling good. I did another Master's class on Tuesday and while I am still one of the slower swimmers there, I feel like I am getting faster, or at least enjoying the butt kicking I am getting nowadays! Here was Tuesday's workout, roughly 2500 yds:

150 WU
6 x 100@2:00
4 X 100@1:50
250 kick (25@:30, 50@1:00, 75@1:30, 100@2:00) My kick still sucks
300 Pull (breathe every 4 strokes)
4 X 200 @ 4:00

Wednesday was good also. I got up early and hit the dreadmill. I was doing 1/2 mile repeats. I would average 8:34 for the first 1/2 mile then ramped it up to 7:15 for the last half. This was pretty tough for me and had to talk myself into just holding on for the remainder of the mile.

I am planning a trainer ride tonight while my wife and mom in law are at the tennis tournament, so I am posting an oldie but a goodie to help me get motivated!

Now for my "it's Official" title... I have signed up, registered and paid for Ironman Branson 70.3. This will be my 1st HIM and I am excited and scared at he same time!

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