Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where are we running???

I feel like I am pretty lucky when it comes to places to run around my neighborhood. I have several routes that allow me to go either on short, medium or long runs. I even have several asphalt paths that I can run so I can running into traffic. This is really nice when I make the boys ride their bikes with me. I call them my pace cars. One rides in front, the other behind me. It is also nice to have the paths when I take Jesse in the jogging stroller. I think we got the jogging stroller out a little to early, but I am hoping this spring, Jess and I will be able to take some runs together.

So this post is going to be about my two favorite routes to run. One is what the family refers to as the "duck pond" and the other is simply known as the trail. My wife was able to take some really good pictures on the trail one beautiful afternoon, so you will see them mixed in this post.

The duck pond loop is approximately 3.2 mile run that starts at the house and runs through the neighborhood until you come to a man made lake. the lake itself is only about a .5 mile run around it, but it is often one of the more peaceful places. it is always a little cooler around the lake with the wind whipping off the water, but it is one of my favorite places to run, whether it is morning or evening. The ducks always flock to this lake and people are usually fishing or just walking around it.

The next place is simply called the trail. You can see from these pictures that it is a very cool place to run. It has only been opened for 18 months or so, but I was so thrilled when they built it. It is also about a 3.6 mile loop, but ti has alot of options that can stretch it out to 5 miler, and if you connect the duck pond loop, it can easily become a 8 mile run, all with zero traffic.

This trail seems to fly by once I actually get to it. It is very easy to get lost in thought and into that zone on this trail. If I go on a longer run, I know once I am back on the trail, it is gravy and before I know it, I am home.

Hope ya enjoyed my little tour and thanks to the wife for the awesome pics!

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  1. ...what a paradise for running!

    "XTB" Xavi from Hong Kong!


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