Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Race Schedule

I have been working on getting my 2010 race schedule worked out. I am doing some "firsts" this year as far as longer distance races, and I am also doing some repeats. It should be a great year. Not everything on here is set in stone, but right now, here is the plan:

January- I will start getting back in the saddle and riding, nothing intense this month, but I will be looking to get some miles. I will also start working more on running speed for the upcoming 1/2 marathon. I want to hit my goal time. I also want to start working on a "better diet" I want to work on getting leaner, not sure how I will do that, but that may be for another post at another time.

February- Will again be more of a running/ biking base building base month with speed work mixed in on the runs. I plan on doing the
Valentine's Day Run/Walk 10k. on February 13, 2010. This will actually be the first 10k race I will have ever done. I think right now i am looking at a sub 60 minute 10k. I really think this is an obtainable goal.

March- March 21, 2009 I am signed up to run the
Germantown Half Marathon. Another first for me. I have not run a 1/2 marathon before but I am looking forward to this challenge. It is an important race for me because I am planning on doing a HIM in Sept and I do not want my first 13.2 mile run to be after a 56 mile bike! I am unsure as what my goal time is right now, I am thinking around 2:15, but I would love to hit 2 hours or lower.

April- April will be a "get into triathlon racing mode" month. Plenty of riding, plenty of running and swimming, There is a possibly of getting an OWS towards the end of April.

May- Normally,

I would be racing the Memphis in May Triathlon, but instead I will be on a cruise relaxing and working on my tan! This will be a tough month to keep up my fitness cause I hear they feed you anytime you want on the boat. I am looking forward to the cruise and might even get to swim in crystal clear waters!

June- June 12, I am planning on racing in the
Dragonfly Triathlon in Mississippi. This is a favorite race of mine because it is family friendly. The kids love playing on the beach. I did not compete in 2009 due to a 20 year high school reunion, so I am looking to tackle this race again. In 2008, I completed the course in 2:00:48. I have been training for 2 years and have a new faster bike to race, so I am looking for improvements!

July- 2 races in July. The
MightyMite Triathlon on July 17 and the Sharpshooter Triathlon on the 31st . I have done both of these races before and again I am looking for major improvements. In 2009 I made a 15 minute improvement at the MightyMite (1:19), so I am looking for a sub 1:15 on this race. In the Sharpshooter, I finished in 1:05 in 2009, so I definitely think I can go under 1 hour.

August- Training, recovery month.

September- This is where is it gets nasty. I am scheduled to race
Ironman Branson 70.3 on Sept 19, 2010. This is will be my first HIM and I am really looking forward to it. It will be a huge challenge. I am hoping to race with some friends, which will make it an even cooler experience. My wife, kids, parents and sisters family all are planning on going to see me finish the race. Very exciting times!

October- RECOVER

November- build base running miles for the full marathon. Work on training for December race. I might run a Turkey Trot around Thanksgiving with the guys again.

December- Third time is a charm right? I plan on signing up in m plenty of time to run the
Memphis Marathon. Another first for me. 26.2 miles.

All of these races are on my personal path to becoming an Ironman in 2011. It is a goal of mine and I have been following my plan to hit the Ironman stage when I turn 40. So there is my "plan". I also want to recruit more people to get out and race.


  1. Now THAT is an impressive schedule. You better make sure you are wearing your try hard pants at all times, or you might fall over. I know I would.

    I think I'm going to try to want to do a 5k and maybe even a 10k in 2010. If you'll "slum" those paltry distances, then maybe we can run together.

  2. The Valentines Race would be a good one to start with, Feb 13. Let's plan on doing that. I am looking to go under an hour which is basically 9 minute miles, which I know you can do.


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