Thursday, September 24, 2009

Swim Workouts

My swim workouts have drastically changed since this season of triathlons are basically over. I have cut back to 2 days a week swimming and will probably continue with only two swimming until 2010. I try and make the two days good workouts and make them no less than 2000 yds (40 laps or 1.13 miles) and it changes from drills to just good ol long swims. Here is tomorrows swim workout:

4 x 50 yds in under 1 minute
3 x 100 yds in under 2 minutes
2 x 150 yds in under 3:15 minutes

2x 100yds easy
2x 100yds hard

Pull Buoy
300 yds

25 yd sprint
15 second rest
50 yd sprint
15 second rest
75 yd sprint
15 second rest
100 yd sprint

So that is one of my 2000 yard workouts. Some workouts will use flippers, and some workouts use paddles as well. There can be one arm swim drills and drills where you use only your fists. Sometimes swim workouts will use different strokes (Breaststroke, backstroke, etc...) All workouts are timed in their entirety and recorded.

Slow is fast, do not point your toes, reach and pull, bilateral breathing (which I can't do) are all things that I think of while swimming, and there are many, many more thoughts.

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