Friday, August 21, 2009

Open Letter to Coach Cal

Dear Coach Cal,

I just wanted to take this time to let you know that I was a fan. I was excited to see what you had brought to Memphis Basketball. It was exciting to watch and it was the one thing this city needed, which was something we could all cheer for. It did not matter that we lost the National Championship, we were all a proud city at what we, yes we, had accomplished. We were excited about the new class we had coming in, which we knew would establish Memphis as a basketball powerhouse. It says a lot when you can get tickets to the local NBA game, but forget about getting Tigers tickets.

I was OK when you accepted the position with Kentucky, although I did not like it, we all accepted it and wished you the best of luck. We did not even get to upset when you took the highly touted recruit class that everyone was looking forward to seeing play for the Tigers because again, we understood.

We thought we understood...

Now we know why you bailed on Memphis and now we are no longer fans, we are pissed off fans. Now Memphis has to vacate the 2007-08 season, all 38 wins are gone, and why are they gone??

Simply put because you were willing to win at any costs. No one will ever convince me that you did not know anything about Derrick Rose not passing the SAT the three times he attempted to pass it (Really, how dumb is Rose anyways??). No one will ever convince me that you did not know that the "best" recruit you ever had could possibly be ineligible to play and you did nothing. No one can ever prove that you OK'd having another person take the SAT for Rose, but we all know. We know.

We know because this is not the first time your desire to win has cost a team its season. Remember UMASS?? Marcus Camby? Money and hookers for him? Remember that? We all remember. You will be remember as the only Coach to have two Final Four seasons erased.

The really sad thing is that you will suffer zero repercussions, no losses. You will go on with your top ranked recruit class and most likely win a lot of games, until year 4 or 5 when the same thing will happen again. It is a pattern with you Coach. The only ones that suffer are the players that busted their ass for you, they played hard for nothing.

I blame you Coach Cal.


  1. If Memphis knew about the allegations against Calipari in January, why did they offer him more money than Kentucky did in an attempt to keep him?

  2. Thanks for reading Anonymus, but I do not know when Memphis University knew what or how serious the allegations were in January. I do not think the AD is spotless in this situation, he may just as well need to go also. Regardless, I still feel that Coach Cal knew about Rose, and I still feel thathe knew the NCAA knew, and I still feel that he knew their could be snactions, so he needed to get out of Memphis before it was handed to him. Why else leave when you have the same money, the same security, the highest recruited class ever coming in??

  3. Why, if he wasn't very smart, was he taking the SAT? Honestly, does Memphis require this for admission? Why not the ACT?

  4. I have heard that he took the ACT 3times and then the SAT was taken in Detroit and I have also read that it was the SAT taken everytime.


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