Sunday, July 19, 2009

MightyMite Triathlon 2009

Mighty Mite Sprint Triathlon
Forrest City, Arkansas
Overall Rank = 116/368
Age Group Rank = 24/32

Pre-race routine:
Woke up around 4:30, got ready with a short shower, went to the bathroom and ate a little something, then packed up the van and headed out to Forest City.

Event warm up:
Got transitions setup and then went to the water to get in a little swim. The water was very nice.

Swim (528 yds-10:17):
The swim was fine, they changed the race to a time trial race instead of a wave start, which wold have been nice but they did not seen anyone by their swim time, just their numbers. So that meant the start was nice but it got bottled up at the finish. It was nice to be able to find a line to swim right off the bat, but the sun was shining right in front plus the reflection off the water made sighting difficult on the first buoy. I really thought I was swimming faster than my time reflected, was actually slower than last year!

What would you do differently?:
work on sighting, maybe try and speed it up some more.

T1 (1:50):
I realized just how much of a tenderfoot I really am! Running up from the swim on the concrete killed my feet! Oh Well!. T1 went a hell of a lot better than last year, as I have really simplified what is in T1. The actual transition would have been faster if I had not had to run so far to get to my bike.

Bike (13 miles- 41:50):
The bike went fairly well as I was prepared for it this year, still got passed by too many people, but then I am passing people this year. The hills on this race were tougher than I imagined. Again, I was able to get shoes off and pedal to the dismount line, which helps. I had a gel on the bike cause I could feel a twinge in the calf, so I did try to drink, but I know it was not enough.

T2 (1:02):
Felt good, was able to get shoes off and running shoes on easily.

Run (3.1 miles-25:47):
The first mile was a bitch! Not sure why but it literally defeated me so much that I had to start picking little goals ( make it to the corner, just to the ridge, etc...) After the first mile though I finally got my running leggs and it started getting easier to run, just had to break through that first 8 minutes. The locals sat out on their yards and would spray the Whitehorse over the road, which helped jar you back into race mentality!

What would you do differently?:
Still need to work on running after biking, get those running legs back quicker and I want to speed up! I would like to get under 8 minutes miles on a triathlon sometime! But, I am still happy with my time.

Overall, I feel really good about his race. I cut 15 minutes off my time from last year and I met my goal I set pre race.

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