Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trump Towers or Trump Cowers???

I spent last Sunday night watching the Celebrity Apprentice. 3 mother lovin hours of this show. It came down to professional poker player Annie Dukes vs. the legendary comedian Joan Rivers. To me, it was no contest, the winner should have been Dukes. She outplayed and out performed Rivers the entire show.

However, the "Donald" slipped into his Miss America dress and cowered to award Rivers as the winner. Trump had his mind made up for weeks. It was shameful, and I will tell you why.

1. Rivers is a whiner. She complained every board room. She really got bitchy if she did not get her way. Instead of acting like a comedy legend, Rivers acted more like a 3 year old and resulted to name calling and even threatened to quit when her "tag-along" daughter got fired. Which is reason number 2!

2. Melissa Rivers? A celebrity?? Trump should have never allowed the 2 of them on the show together. Rivers was the only one on the show to throw a full fledged hissy fit when she got fired. The first thing she did was run to mommy. How pathetic! And when she quit, Mommy left too! You don't leave and then comeback!

3. Trump said Rivers won because she had more celebrity at her event. Kathy Griffin? Really? Gay Drag Queen impersonators count? Really Donald?? Maybe Trump did not know they were men, but that was a pathetic reason in my mind.

4. Rivers just flat out lied. We all watched as the event planner quit because Joan was such a bitch! We all saw what happened. Everyone in the audience saw what happened. Everyone except for Donald Chump. Talk about looking the other way on something, that was pathetic.

Now I hear they are coming back with another season of the Celebrity Apprentice, but everything I have read, I do not expect the ratings to be that great. Trump phoned this one in and is not considered the hard nosed business man he once was. Maybe he is losing his edge, he is getting older. I would rather watch the apprentice with Carolyn and George on the board room than Donald Chump!

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