Thursday, October 2, 2008

Could Adam fly?

Tonight at dinner, my wife had the radio on as she fixed the food. The radio was on a talk radio station and being interviewed was Benny Hinn, the tele-evangelist who goes around acting like he heals people with the touch of his hand. Benny was talking about his teachings and saying some things that I never knew. He was spouting off about the greatest failure of all times. Any guesses? His answer was Judas and I guess that is not necessarily anything shocking, I mean I guess you could make a case for that answer. But before he dropped that piece of knowledge on us, he talked about Adam. Here's the crazy part.

Did you know that Adam could hold his breath and swim to the bottom of the ocean? You didn't? did you know that Adam could fly? And yes, I am talking about the Adam form the Adam and Eve story in Genesis. I looked through Genesis and never found where this is written, so I had to hear the rest of the story!

His basis for these statements were that since Adam had dominion over all the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, and how can someone rule over something if they cannot do the same things better. What?? I wish I had it recorded or a transcript or something, cause it was too much. It would be wicked cool to be able to fly or breath under water though.

Here is a tribute to Benny Hinn, Enjoy!!!

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