Monday, March 31, 2008

My Two cents....

Well our church had the 2ND Annual Business meeting last Sunday. It went off pretty well I guess, no big surprises or controversy that I saw. A couple of business asked questions that were answered pretty well I think. The pastor preached a sermon before the meeting and he did take advantage of the people being there and there being no Sunday School, so fair game I guess! The music was of course awesome, bringing many to tears.

But here is the thing, I went to the Open Forum whatever blog and read the post about the meeting. I intentionally went there because I knew there would be comments and maybe some interesting reading. It amazes me that people would just go to a service to report about it on their blog. I am amazed that people are labeled just for attending a church by the former members of that church. I am amazed that people still find the need to spend all their time griping about something that they can easily avoid, you know it is not any ones job to convince someone of the truth, just our job to share that truth with them.

With that being said, I wish all the former members well, and I hope they find a church that God wants them to attend and that they get involved. A blog is n o way to "have Church" in my opinion.

This will all die down much sooner than later. The Integrity Does Count crew has fallen away and I am guessing this other group will move on as well.


  1. Hey Memphis. Just thought I'd stop by and see what's new. I've decided to get out of the blogging business, so I won't be around the blogosphere anymore. I never really expected to get so involved, and in retrospect I think I should have started my own blog.

    I ran into some BBCers at the meeting I hadn't seen in ages, and asked them how they had been. They were rude in front of my family, and said they'd been going to GBC. Now mind you, if they are harboring anger against us I'd expect some animosity if I bumped into them at Kroger, but how could anyone justify coming into our church and being belligerant there?

    I 'cornered' them after church and had a long talk to find out what the deal was, and it all boiled down that the mother 'couldn't stand' looking at Jamie when he led the singing. All that resentment, just because of that one thing. I considered offering the simple suggestion of not looking at him, but I let it go. It's amazing that one unresolved issue poisoned those people in so many other ways.

    I see you're quite the athlete. Back in the day, me and Mrs. S. ran marathons. I swam like a rock so never I attempted a triathlon, though.

    Maybe we'll cross paths at church someday. If so, you definitely need to say hello.

    Oh, and if you need to beef up the number on your sitemeter I know a guy who can help you. His name is Jim, and you can get in touch with him at ;-)

    In His name,

  2. Hey Solomon, thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to have at it on my little blog here, usually I talk about nothing as you can tell, so no pressure on anyone.

    The sitemeter was a new item added recently. I really thought it was me, my wife and maybe two other friends that even looked at this!

    As for being the athlete, well in my own mind I guess. I am just not ready to get older yet. I do enjoy a competitive game of anything and this is the best way to compete against myself.

    And I agree that people need to "harden up" (excuse my non sympathetic tone) and quit holding all these petty gripes about singing, praise teams and what not. I was always not that you get out of church what you put in, and obvisouly they are not putting anything into the service, except to stir the pot again.

    Again, please stop by anytime!


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