Monday, December 17, 2007

Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship that I need to get off my chest. In a way I am a little embarrassed to admit this. I am not even sure how it all started, I never meant for it to happen, honest. You try one, and it leads to another one, with a different twist, and before I knew it, I was watching them all. Yes, I am talking about "REALITY TELEVISION"!! There, I said it.

It all started out with the Peoples Court when I was but a young child, not knowing any better. Now what better role model could there be besides Judge Wapner and Rusty the bailiff. Solving the country’s problem $5,000 at a time, and only because that is the most you can sue someone for in small claims court. Do I blame the Peoples Court? Not a bit, and do not let me catch you talking about Judge Wapner either.

Of course this lead to COPS! (Bad Boys Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?) The greatest reality show, EVER! It makes me proud to be from Arkansas! Hey it made wife beaters popular again didn't it??

Next came Survivor, and the desire, no, the yearning to know what the tribe said when they spoke! Then came American Idol! Yes, I said Idol (those of us who watch just call it Idol) Simon, Paula and Randy, I did feel you dawg! I understood what they went through, what troopers they are! They deserve our respect!

Next came the Apprentice, which I told my wife "that is the stupidest idea ever, we're not watching that one!" I have not missed a season! Soon, the 'Amazing Race' got its dirty little claws in me. Now it is the Biggest Loser, Kid Nation, Great American Band, The Mole, and yes I watched them all. Who are you to laugh at me? Sorry, got on a rant there.

Now I am seeing shows like "I Love New York Season 1 & 2", "Flava of Love 1 & 2", "Tia Tequila", and "America's Most Smartest Model", where will it end? Do they realize that my DVR only holds do much? Next thing you know they will have a battle of choirs! LOL!! What? It is already been done you say? What channel??


  1. Beauty and the Geek. Must see TV. Trust me.

    I love Survivor, Amazing Race, The Mole (I loved that one- I didn't know anyone else watched it). I enjoy a little Biggest Loser, but I had to give up on the Apprentice and I don't watch much American Idol.

  2. Dude, I hate to say it, but reality television is what started the decline of Western civilization. I am vehemently opposed to all reality television...unless Jessica is reading which case I love me some Survivor and Amazing Race! w00t

  3. Don't let him fool you...

    He loves the Amazing Race.

    And Survivor. No one can resist the charms of Jeff Probst.

    He will call me a liar for this one but he loves Big Brother too. I know that know one likes to admit they like it (I am a little ashamed myself) but it is somehow addictive.

  4. Kinda like the Spice Girls and the Dixie Chicks huh? No one admits to buying their albums, but they sell millions!!!


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